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they attacked in both countries killing an officer of the state department all because of a u.s. film they say was offensive to islam. clinton said there is never any excuse for this kind of violence. president obama and mitt romney are also trading jabs over the attacks. romney is calling the obama administration disgraceful. and team obama said they are disappointed that romney would turn this into a political event when the nation is still dealing with the death of one of itself officers. all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today... what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025, we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know ho
means no b.s. just telling you what's going on in politics today. >>at the only on-line forum with a direct line to bill press. >>it's something i've been waiting for a long time. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 46 days and ann romney has a message to republicans who criticize the romney campaign. stop it! oh, stop it! just stop it! this is hard, she says. good morning everybody. what do you say? it is friday! alleluia. >> bill: friday, september 21. >> allay law ya. >> bill: our favorite day on the "full court press." allay -- alleluia. i'm so happy to see this friday get here and i've only been here four days this week. it seems like ten. >> it has been a long week. >> bill: it's been like a 47% -- >> feels like we worked about 47% harder this week. >> bill: 47 days crammed into four or five maybe for most of us. good to see you today. thank you for jo
instead of condemning their actions. >> romney is basing that off of a statement from the u.s. embassy in cairo saying it does not support the criticism of muslims' religious beliefs. not only was that statement never approved by washington, it was also issued four hours before the attacks in an effort to calm the situation down. president obama, in fact, did condemn the attacks and said he is shocked romney would play politics during a time the united states is still mourning the loss of four of its diplomats. romney is now seeing a big backlash from those statements, even from conservatives but a few are actually taking his side. former secretary of state henry kissinger says he can understand romney's severe reaction to the violence. jim demint called romney absolutely right on libya and senator jon kyl said the u.s. embassy's response is the same as blaming a rape victim and then asking them for an apology. more bill press is coming up live after the break. we're live in chat, we have a
produced a comedy tour there. well educated in the u.s. and oxford, but these guys -- most of them are educated. president morsi went to school in america. they understand what plays in america and back home. the muslim brotherhood were going to have massive protests they said -- >> john: over -- >> the film. and then the state department and president obama called them and they said okay. we'll just a demonstration and that's it. is there really not this kind of hatred overwhelming to people? are more people going i don't like it. i hate it, but i don't think that much about it until they are told to go out in the streets and protest it. 50,000 indonesia muslims bought tickets to a lady gaga tickets, or 7,000 protesters. when you nut -- the media in this case is reporting accurately, and there are to nations where they are protesting. the numbers go literally 50 to 700, to the biggest i have seen is 2,000 in yemen out 2 million people. and many people are using this film as a way to say that's what america is really about. both sides use it for their own po
. >> bill: this is p.o.t.u.s.' glass. >> that's barack obama's water glass. >> bill: the fanciest little water glass. it was right there behind the podium. i've seen glasses like this often at the white house when they bring one out when the president is going to do a news conference. i'll bet you this is an official white house secret service glass. this was all in back of the podium this morning. so how about that. >> there you go. an exclusive. >> bill: a "full court press" exclusive! here on this friday morning. we've got a good line-up for you. terry o'neill, president of the national organization for women is going to be coming by here at the arena. there's no security this morning so anybody can walk in. major garrett will be here as a "friend of bill" later and karl frisch from bullfight strategies will be along as well. and we'll tell you and get your calls about bill clinton -- that was the night before. barack obama and joe biden last night. 1-866-55-press. but first... >> this is the "full court
the men's u.s. open yesterday. >> yeah. i think it is the steroids. he finally started using the hgh. hey, he's on a roll. that's what happens. barry bonds used to be a just barely above average slugger. started using steroids, he started winning. >> bill: he did cry a little bit last night. he was glad to come out on top. >> you're feeling a lot of things, you know. you don't -- you know, like i was obviously very emotional. i cried you know a little bit on the court. you're not sad. you're incredibly happy. you're in a little bit of disbelief. >> bill: the john boehner of men's tennis. there he is. lots to talk about. lots of good help to do it. judd legum, think progress, tuesdays with judd. he will be here in about a half hour from now. john stanton is the washington bureau chief of the exciting new site i consider. because it is just getting into politics. "buzzfeed." they're starting up a lot. make for great parties too. >> so i've heard. >> bill: the problem is the parties don't start until
the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: 33 minutes after the hour now here, the "full court press" on friday, september 14. great to see you today. we're brought to you today by ullico incorporated. good men and women of ullico, proudly serving the union workplace for more than 85 years now. led today by president ed smith. they're providing specialty insurance, risk solutions investment products and services. you can find out more about their good work by visiting the web site, that's for the union workplace. so they have identified the filmmaker of this video. we're talking about what should happen to the producers of this video that insighted the violence or the protest in egypt and qlaib which led to the violence which led to the murder of our ambassador and three other americans. the filmmaker is a coptic
member myself, when you get into a joint setting yeah, go, u.s. but then depending on the service you're in, you're in the air force and the leader happens to be a marine, well then you start taking on the marine corps but you're still supporting. that's the way males are. >> bill: why don't they see obama as a male leader? >> caller: but they see him as a black male leader. romney as the white male leader. if it was obama against a woman they would probably line up with obama. >> bill: yeah. i guess that's as easy an explanation as any regis i guess. i think it is wrongheaded. it certainly doesn't go very deep in terms of an important decision as who's going to be the next president of the united states. all right, well joey's got the answer. he's from chicago. he'll know the answer. good morning. >> caller: i'll tell you exactly what it is. white males think they're the biggest, baddest toughest things around but inside, they're just afraid. and that's what it is. >> bill: what are they afraid of? >> caller: i d
's right. >> it's known that even though they come from different parties, the women of the u.s. senate are close friends. they got together last night secretary of state and former senator hillary clinton hosted an engagement party for maine republican senator susan collins according to former justice sandra day o'connor was also there along with all 17 female senators. senator collins got engaged back in february. >> bill: good for them. girls night out. hope they had a good time. hey, dan, thank you. yes, indeed. we start off this morning with jeb bush, the smartest of all of the bushes. over. >> bill: it is a low bar. should have been the one that was present at the united states rather than when one we got stuck with. jeb made this yesterday. i think he's absolutely right. he made news by meeting reporters up in new york and telling them that in today's republican party, neither his father, pappy bush, h. george h. w. bush nor ronald reagan could get through an election in the repu
, anger anger; that the world is not the world of the 50s. it isn't. we wish it was. and actually the 50s wasn't so great for a lot of people. >> bill: right. >> so you saw itself values start connecting that's ultimately what made america the country it is right now, and so between julian castro and michelle obama that's what you saw, and you saw it without the anger and vitrial. >> bill: yeah and they talked about their life experiences, julian having his mother there. and what he learned from his mother and grandmother, and michelle obama what she learned from her father and barack obama what he learned from his mother and grandmother, and that drives their policies so she was able to connect, right, their program, their policies with where they are coming from. >> exactly. and it was both -- and this gets lost sometimes, it was both individual action. democrats believe in the power of individuals, of innovation of entrepreneurship, but it was how the government can help make it fair because everyone is not born to borrow ann richard's old term with a silver spoon
on the ground. we had 40,000 activists and leaders and volunteers on the ground in 2008. s ofafscme is going to have 80,000 boots on the ground this year. the afl-cio has a new program worker's voice. we'll have 400,000 union members that are going to be working in their communities across this country. not only knocking on union doors and union households but knocking on every single household in our communities to get the word out. >> bill: you heard it. that's the ground force president obama needs. it will be providing lee saunders great work, great leadership. thank you for stopping by today. >> enjoyed being here. >> bill: thanks for being such a strong supporter of the show from the beginning. lee saunders here. my union brother. we'll be right back here on the "full court press" talking with stephanie from emily's list. 50% of the delegates here. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." and social media, providing unsurpassed insight into the most buzz worthy tweets, posts and pontifications, from the entire social
in november. i said come on, this election is six weeks away. >> he said don't b. s. me, we all know -- "we all know obama's going to win in november." wow. so i assured him that conversation would be off the record. now i just told you all about it but i didn't tell you his name because it would make news. big news if i revealed his name. and so there is this feeling -- and you understand where it could be coming from. yesterday the latest battleground poll shows nationwide president obama up over mitt romney by 50% to 47%. but more importantly if you look at the battleground states, the latest battleground poll shows president obama up over romney in virginia by 8 points, up in ohio by 5 points, up in florida by 5 points, up in iowa by 5 points. up in nevada by 5 points. i was looking at some others this morning here, enough, just up by 1 point. colorado up by 2.3 points. so it's looking pretty good. here's another indication in the latest battleground poll. this was conducted by politico and paid for by politico, spo
on "the tonight show" back in the 1950s and hosted his own andy williams show and many holiday staples earned five grammy nominations and numerous gold and platinum albums. >> bill: never one of my favorite performers but one of the old time crooners, the perry como andy williams. >> i know it is officially christmas when i hear andy am whats "it's the most wonderful time of the year." that's the one thing i know and love. >> bill: you'll still hear it. >> a school founded by thomas jefferson has been named the top party school in the country by playboy. university of virginia -- >> bill: whoa! >> the top spot on the poll. the magazine says the school knows a thing or two about raising a glass but uva not happy with that honor. they immediately released a statement yesterday -- far more important that they be known for their academic achievement not their party atmosphere. also on the playboy party list, usc and the universities of florida, texas and wisconsin. >> bill: laura ingraham went to the university of vir
everything from traveling overseas to run educational programs in u.s. embassies. >> bill: that's a great idea. sort of like the ping-pong philosophy. >> yeah. >> a sad weekend at buckingham palace, coregy has passed away. she still has two other dogs willow and holly, and they are old but doing okay. >> bill: and she has already been offered a new corgie puppy by the guy who helped her train them. >> right. >> bill: secretary of labor will be joining us by phone at the half hour. the jobs report coming out friday, 96,000 new jobs -- that's 96,000 new public sector jobs coming out -- >> actually it is net new jobs. >> bill: a bit of a damper? >> it was a disappointment. and the day before we had this great report by a private company that said that the private sector had added 201,000. >> bill: i saw that. >> what you have to keep in mind the private sector is doing well, but you have this austerity kick in state and local governments, what this plan shows is the romney and ryan plan we're going to cut back spending. and that is exactly what we don't need because rig
about the financial house of the u.s. government which is in total disorder and disarray and the solutions they came up with over three and a half years and the republicans are participants in this completely but the president has to lead, not just democrats but the whole country including republicans is to postpone all of the hard spending and taxing decisions to 2013. the mess that has been debated most intensely last year and continues into this year, we're going to be back in it in the next two or three months where the congress is going to have to find some way to authorize more spending and more borrowing which is the key. because we're spending $1 trillion more each year than we actually take in as a government. >> bill: no doubt about it. one surprise for some people is obviously a lot of the book -- most of it is talking about how obama's trying to work things out with republicans unable to do so. and the one person who comes across as willing to compromise but maybe not being able to is john boehne
't agree with this. linda mcmahon hope she loses no, i don't agree with him. yesterday, another u.s. senator republican senator dean heller came out from nevada and said mitt romney was wrong with his vision of america and his disdain for 50% almost of americans. so that's the first point. again how wrong mitt romney is on the facts. i know you want to talk about that. 1-866-55-press. our toll free number. the second point is how lame -- and this surprises me. how lame the response of the romney campaign is. look, they announced this week would be a whole new start to the campaign. a whole new beginning. they're going to have new ads they were going to have a new message. they were going to have new life in the campaign. redirection of the campaign. well, as it happened, they spent the last -- all this week just responding to this video. but in the lamest possible way. so let's follow the progression. we'll bring you up to date here. first it was remember -- i don't back away from those remarks. i stand by those rema
in the history of the u.s. small business administration. we are back with more bill press live at the break. and as always we are in chat at all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today... jack you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio, and on current tv. this is the "bill press show."
an i.d. we're not going to get 800,000 new i.d.s issued between now and then. everything that goes into finding the documents where you're working two jobs, it won't happen. it will suppress the vote. in florida you got tens of thousands -- some say hundreds of thousands of formerly incarcerated people. these are folks like martha stewart, tim allen folks who made a big mistake. they did their time. they're back out. they're being productive. they have a right to vote and in 2008, they could vote. why? because jeb bush and charlie crist reenfranchised formerly incarcerated people. apparently they didn't like the way that worked and he redisenfranchised them and took the votes away from hundreds of thousands of people who could vote in 2008. so those two states for sure. that's just where they're using the law to suppress the vote. you throw in all of the other tactics, yes, it will be a big problem across the country. >> bill: just gotta work that much harder. >> we've gotta search the vote. >> bill: n
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